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Machinery Hire


The machines described below area available for hire from us. The arrangement includes an operator, with the exception of the concrete crusher. For this machine see more details at

Please call or email for prices.

18hp Woodchipper/Shredder.

Able to handle up to 120mm diameter and fitted with a conveyor for discharge into trucks and barrows etc. This machine will fit through 830mm wide gaps for easy access to back gardens.

Tracked Skiploader.

This skiploader will fit through a standard doorway. Used in conjunction with the K008 above, it forms a hard working material movement partnership.

Kubota K-008 Excavator.

Designed to fit through a standard doorway width of 750mm! See the example to the right. The excavator is available with several attachments, including a 6" bucket, 9" bucket,12" bucket,18" bucket, 24" riddling bucket, grader, ripper tooth, rake and a grip talon.

This machine is the most effective and powerful in its class.

Mini concrete crusher. Available as a self-operated machine. Details at:

KUBOTA STV32 32 horsepower compact tractor.

This machine can be supplied with a variety of attachments, a few of which are shown below. Others available include:

Post hole borer, with 6"(150mm) width and a 10" (220mm) auger.

5ft finishing Mower.

Please call or email for prices.

Post Driver.